Shader 300 Marker
Shader 300 Marker Set
Shader 300 Marker Nib
Shader 300 Marker Set Box
Shader 300 Marker, for the Professional Designer

A minimalistic black stainless steel marker set for the professional designer.

As designers we love Markers, we are constantly drawing with them and producing endless designs and ideas. We want to create a more professional and more appealing permanent marker set that can become a part of your design tools. We are glad to introduce you the Shader 300 Marker Series which embodies our passion towards design and quality.

The design approach of the Shader 300 Marker Series is minimalistic with a smooth finish and no branding, thus enhancing the essence of the marker. Its CNC black stainless steel body makes the Markers a precise, durable, and long-lasting tool for all your designs in the decades to come, perfect design tool set to pass for generations.

The Shader 300 provides a more professional marker intended for the professional designer and anyone looking for good design and quality.

We have partnered with local CNC Manufacturers and Steel suppliers, using standard CNC lathe machines and black stainless steel rods, the Shader 300 will be entirely manufactured with our partners in South Florida. The precision of the CNC machine gives us incredible quality control, even when milling several meters of steel in one pass. We realize crafting a marker set out of stainless steel rods is a bit excessive but these instruments are indestructible and will absolutely will be a part of your tool set for many years to come.