Small Cherry Hook
Large Cherry Hook
Small Ash Hook
Three Large Ash Hook
Three Large Cherry Hooks
Large Ash Hook
Large and Small Cherry Hooks
Large and Small Ash Hooks

It began with a simple shop hook. Originally made as a quick place to hang your hat, we have taken this traditional staple of many wood shops and refined it to make a striking rustic modern hook for the home.

Our Shop Made Hooks come in two sizes. The large one works great for hanging mugs, rolling pins or large bags and the small one is ideal for keys, jackets, bags, etc. They come in oxidized cherry and bleached ash. All our finishes are hand rubbed and we use no chemical driers or petroleum based products. The cherry hooks are finished with an oil varnish based on an 18th century recipe and the ash hooks are finished with a liming wax we make ourselves from locally sourced beeswax. Our lumber is sourced from local sawyers, keeping the supply chain as small as possible. The hooks can support 40lbs—that’s a cinder block—and comes with a solid brass screw and drywall anchor.

P. F. Wilfong & Co. is interested in investigating vernacular design in a modern context. We draw inspiration from crude repairs, primitive creations and rural ingenuity. Our website has additional images and info: PFWilfong.com. If you have any questions, need any more high res images or if there is any way I can make the writing process easier please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks for taking the time to check us out.