SIA is new, and unique brand of Scotch Whisky that’s breaking all the rules. Created by former Creative Director/Graphic Designer Carin Luna-Ostaseski, as a whisky to break the stereotype that Scotch is your grandfather’s drink. Everything from the taste of the spirit, to the bottle shape, package design and even the name was specifically designed to appeal to today’s modern enthusiast.

Most traditional scotch whisky bottles are green glass or brown glass with a bulge neck. The opacity masks the spirit. Large labels cover most of the bottle and have small typeface printed names that are very difficult to pronounce. Carin chose a clear tapered bottle with an S icon etching that is visible through the honey amber liquid. The name SIA (‘see-a”) is an easy to pronounce name, and because it’s so short, it’s a bold typeface visible from afar on a dark bar shelf.

The spirit itself is a blend of Speyside, Highland and Islay malt and grain whiskies. Flavor notes are vanilla, caramel, citrus, honey, fruity spiciness from the sherry cask finish, and just a hint of smoke.

Even though SIA just launched in January of 2014, it has already received Double Gold medals and high point ratings. SIA was created by a female entrepreneur in San Francisco, and was successfully funded on Kickstarter.com, the first and only time a Scotch Whisky was created via crowd-funding.