MANUEL TORRES DESIGN designed for the Spanish firm TAGAR seat model with a unique personality, ‘SINGULAR CHAIR’, pure design and functionality. The model, smooth curves and light that achieve visual harmony, balance and practical aesthetic and simple operation, a stackable chair that make it a unique piece that leaves no one indifferent.
TAGAR committed to offering exclusive products, working with established designers to provide a broader range of solutions. Functionality and aesthetics are a challenge in every new product and therefore rely on designers with extensive experience, solid career and quality assurance.


The imprint of Manuel Torres Acemel design is reflected in every corner of the room, gently but with force and the hallmark of the designer. Once again the challenge of finding an object to play its role, is comfortable, impeccable finishing and striking and innovative design is fulfilled in the final result.

An innovative design materialized in a skeleton consisting of metal rods on which rests a winding fold that forms the seat and back together by the simplicity and beauty of mechanical joints perfectly visible. A chair can only love watching the sinuous curves soften its forms.

Manuel Torres Acemel explains: ”This chair is designed for those who see the beauty and simplicity as a way of life,” and added,” Our focus was to make a piece with design, quality and innovation”

‘SINGULAR CHAIR’ unique, fun and original