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With limited outdoor storage, compact landscaping equipment like the Smart Garden Cart is about as handy in form as it is in use. This versatile wheelbarrow helps you to more easily perform a range of yard work and only takes up the space of a slender trolly.

The object was developed with a short flat bottom platform and a much longer perpendicular surface, with two handles on the top, a retractable puller and a pair of wheels. Designer Stephen Reon Francisco modeled the ergonomic handles, they were inspired by a rat’s ear and also the form which represents basic ergonomic principles for your hands. They are pretty comfortable to hold, pull or push. The overall body design offers modern, clean and sleek look, you can transform this cart to dolly cart to transport big heavy tool and plant pots or use it as wheel barrow to transport soil, stones, woods easily. Smart Garden Cart can also be transformed as garden cart to carry heavy equipment such as boxes and crates.

Multifunctional cart in one, having this smartly designed cart, you can save Money.