SmartDeco was founded in 2011 and is based in LA with manufacturing in Northern California. We believe in making supreme & eco-friendly products right here in the USA. When you open a box of SmartDeco, you’ll find handsome furniture that is refreshingly easy to assemble and 100% recyclable. No tools and no stress, just smart furniture for smart living.

Saving You Money:
SmartDeco products are made from corrugate fiberboard. This means they weigh insanely less than traditional substrates such as wood and metal and are much more economical. We further save you money by implementing cutting edge manufacturing practices to increase quality, reduce cost, and pass on the savings to you.

Saving You Time:
SmartDeco’s convenience level is off the charts. To start, we offer you online ordering and doorstep delivery- “eliminating the deplorable trip to the furniture store” as one of our loyal customers put it. The real convenience and time saving comes from our revolutionary assembly process. All SmartDeco products intuitively fold together in minutes without the use of tools. To see how easy our assembly is, check out the Step By Step Assembly videos on our website!

Patriotic & Eco-Friendly:
At SmartDeco’s core is social and environmental responsibility. We believe that the companies of tomorrow will do more than just seek profit. Take pride in knowing that when you purchase a piece of the 100% recyclable SmartDeco collection, you are promoting sustainability and a greener future. As patriotic Americans, we take huge pride in making furniture right here on the blessed soil of the United States of America. There is a certain level of craftsmanship and quality that we believe only comes from America. Buy American Made and do your part to stimulate our economy!

SmartDeco Across the World:
We have some big dreams too. Our future goal is to provide recyclable rapid-assembly furniture worldwide to the millions of people who have been displaced from their homes by natural disasters and socio-political turmoil. If you’re interested in helping us with this process please contact us!

The Design
We couldn’t be more thankful to work with the brilliant corrugate designers and engineers at Pacific Southwest Container. Their combined knowledge and experience is the backbone of SmartDeco’s convenience. Every fold, beam, and angle, is designed to maximize both structural integrity and ease of assembly. Together we’ve created a handsome and aesthetically minimalist collection that revolutionizes the utilization of corrugate.

The Material
The SmartDeco collection is made from Enviroboard. Enviroboard is a corrugated fiberboard that offers a sleek, smart alternative to traditional furniture substrates. High weight-to-strength ratio, recyclability, functionality, and affordability are amongst the primary benefits of corrugated fiberboard. The utilization of these benefits has traditionally been limited to low quality products in the packaging industry. SmartDeco breaks free from this singleminded vision and utilizes high quality corrugated fiberboard to create Enviroboard. Unlike cardboard or pizza box, Enviroboard utilizes a middle layer of oscillating arcs- the strongest geometrical shape. The outer layers of Enviroboard are made from a sheet of linerboard with ultra high density-high grade interconnected fibers.