SML/LR shelves
S/R shelf
M/L shelf
L/L shelf
SML/LR shelves combined
Kal stools ver. 2.0
reflecting hidden colored surfaces
Kal stools ver. 2.0
SML/LR shelves with Kal stools ver. 2.0

Luna Seo is exhibiting SML/LR shelves and Kal stools ver. 2.0 at Ventura Lambrate Milano 2012, Apr. 17-22

The SML/LR shelf is a standing wooden bookshelf with a distorted bottom. Through this simple pinch, the whole volume is twisted, offering different views of the furniture according to vantage point. They come in 3 variations of height, each with a mirrored twin to give almost infinite possibilities in creating space.

Kal stools ver. 2.0 is the newest version of Kal stools, made of steel sheets with hidden colored surfaces that reflect randomly on the floor or when you stack them.

Minute changes cause diversity and randomness.