Interior Lounge Detail
Model of Wave Ceiling by Effie Bouras, Mechanik Design Office LLC

MDO recently worked with Janis Leonard Design Associates for the creation of the new Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMOCA) Lounge space.

A redesign of existing gallery space- the client needed an area that would serve to contrast yet mirror the modernity of the art on the walls, provide a place for monthly screenings of independent film and give patrons and visitors an “escape,” from their surrounds…a neutral red zone if you will…The premise was the undulation of a wave- a curvature of hung, painted wooden pallets clashing into the rectilinear room— being beneath the wave arouses a powerful tension and energy, curiosity and wonder. Budget was strict and met with innovative use of material in an unconventional manner, for example, the chairs, the “sofas,” tables, bar and ceiling were made of wooden shipping pallets.

Project Credits
Principal and head Designer: Janis Leonard, Janis Leonard Design Associates LLC, Scottsdale AZ (www.janisleonarddesign.com)
Project Assistant (and model): Effie Bouras, Mechanik Design Office (MDO) (www.mechanikllc.com)
Photo Credit(s): Tim Lanterman