Snable reduces cables length between two devices connected
Very simple way to store ear buds and get firm stand for smartphone
all kinds of cable types are held with ease
Organize many devices with their cables

The story behind Snable

Tangled cables, cable diving behind desks and cable clutter are no fun at all. Current solutions target a single problem, trying to solve individual needs such as tangled earbuds, desktop clutter or other USB charging cables. Some solutions used permanent adhesives which meant a lack of flexibility in placement while others only supported specific cables sizes. Automatic winders only manage one cable at a time and you need multiples of them for more cables plus you have to take the cable out to every time you want to use it.

Our design – Snable
Our solution is a simple design that is very easy to use. Snable’s visually striking design allows it to securely manage multiple cables of varying sizes, be positioned on vertical or horizontal surfaces temporarily with the sticky pad or permanently with screws and function as a stand – All this within a very small footprint. After a long period of creating and testing different concepts/prototypes, we’ve come up with a different solution we are excited to share with you.


1) Cable channels: 4 cable channels that allow multiple stacked cables up to 7mm thick in a variety of combinations. Cables still move freely.
2) Sticky pad: Position and reposition on smooth horizontal and vertical surfaces or use as a phone stand/ tablet typing stand
3) Screw holes: Permanently mount on vertical and horizontal surfaces
4) Cable groove: Wrap cables securely in the groove
5) Side cable locks: These 2 side locks secure cables in the cable groove
6) X cable lock: This top cable lock secure cables after being wrapped
7) Cable spool: Wrap your cable around the cable spool to shorten length or keep intact for transit

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