Combining the advantages of glass and wood

Swiss designer Lukas Bürki has designed the table „SPIKE“ for the long-established Swiss company Glas Trösch. In Bürki’s design two parallel table tops combine the lightness of glass with the warm feel of wood used for the leg construction. The result is an elegant, timeless piece of furniture integrating itself optimally into all kinds of interior design styles. At the same time SPIKE offers a high degree of individuality: The customer has the choice of glass color and texture. The lower glass plate can be used to screen legroom from view or to lay out decorative objects.Three standard sizes can be selected from. Due to the flexible construction additional sizes can be manufactured cost-effectively by request. SPIKE will be presented at the Teo Jakob exhibition in Bern at the end of January 2013.

„I found the combination of two contrasting high-quality materials especially interesting. The glass comes to use in both plates and solid wood is making up the core – the element of glass is lending the horizontal spatial component a floating quality, whereas the solid wood is giving the vertical dimension stability“ Lukas Bürki is describing his design. „As central thought was also to create an object with longevity and timelessnes. SPIKE should be a piece of furniture that can be passed on from generation to generation. The design should be simple with an ability to blend in without coming across bland or random. Therefore the contruction needed to be durable and simple, because the table is to be an everyday companion.“

The wooden base is constructed as a traditional box joint – a visually interesting contrast to the modern overall shape of SPIKE. Lukas Bürki was inspired by the structual clamp system of glass table „Toto“ by Martin Zbären, longstanding designer for Glas Trösch. With SPIKE also the table plate is held in place by a clamp construction with the table legs and by gravitational pressure. With an Allen wrench the clamp can be tightened through a tiny hole in the table legs on the non-visible side. This system makes it possible to
assemble or dismantle SPIKE easily and quickly.

The transparent, extra-white top float glass plate gives the table an air of lightness, the non-transparent float glass on the bottom half closes off the leg-room from vision and can be decorated if needed.

The table SPIKE was just presented at Designer’s Saturday in Langenthal and is now available at specialized retailers or directly at Glas Trösch. In January 2013 SPIKE will be presented by Teo Jakob in Bern.

About the designer
Lukas Bürki was born in Bern in 1981. He graduated from the Schule für Gestaltung Bern in 2004 with a degree in graphic design. In the position of Junior Art Director with Creative Circle in Bern he furthered his competence as a graphic designer and branched into product and interior design. Consecutively he spent a year in New York working as a freelance designer and creating his first furniture designs. Since 2009 Lukas Bürki resides in Bern again working as Art Director with the communications agency Formeldrei and independently developing projects as a freelance designer.