Stair-Rover in Action
Stair-Rover in Action

Hi Mocoloco,

We are a small skateboard design team based in London. We designed a unique longboard able to glide down stairs, called ‘Stair-Rover’. We were very lucky to be featured in your website last year. Thank you very much.

After 1 year development, we would like to share you the evolution of Stair-Rover, and the story of our coming Kickstarter campaign. We think this campaign could be potentially a nice story for Mocoloco.

You can preview our Kickstarter draft page via this link 🙁 http://kck.st/15huHQD). There are images and detailed description for our product. Please note this is only a draft page, our project has not officially launched yet. We will launch our project on Wednesday at 8am PST.

I’ve attached 7 images of the Stair-Rover. If you think this story might interests you, please do not hesitate to contact with me for any inquiries.

Thanks for taking the time to check this message,

Quake Hsu
The Marketing Officer, Stair-Rover

Email quake.hsu@stair-rover.com
Phone +447878696221
InnovationRCA, The Dyson Building, 20 Howie Street, London SW11 4AS