Stallo chalice created with cut glass bottles and a ceramic pedestal
Pedestal in various colors
Circular saw with diamond blade
Plaster mold
Drink wine with Stallo

Stallo by Lorenzo Scodeller, Mirko Pierini & Paolo Martini it’s a porcelain base that turns old glass bottles into a chalice.
The idea born from the will of re-using wine bottles, otherwise fated to the trashcan, extending the their life-cycle.
The project it’s designed so as re-utilize the most part of the material, transforming a bottle into two different glasses.
The first glass it’s obtained by the bottom part, while the second it’s turned into a chalice reversing the upper part upside-down, and connecting it with a porcelain base: Stallo.
This pedestal has to be insert into the bottle mouth to give the chalice a stabile support, and to prevent any flow of the liquid from the inside.
Stallo it’s realize casting ceramic material into a gypsum mold, subsequently glassed with three different colors to ensure greater resistance and provide a better aesthetic appearance.
The watertight of the object it’s guarantee by three plastic gasket, that also allow to remove the base from the glass.
This option enable the user to wash easily the object and to change combination of glasses as he want.