Watches in the making
Watch case before stitching
Reverse side with leather lining
Watch case and buckle waiting to be stichted to the wristband
Version with white leather wristband
Version with fake cow wristband
Version with felt wristband
Versoin with rough linen wristband
Different variations of wristbands

Sommerwerk wristwatches are manufactured in a small leather workshop in the Berlin district of Kreuzberg. Always fascinated by small craft shops that are slowly vanishing from European cities, designer Andreas Sommerwerk aims at reviving the idea of the family business under present economic paradigms.
The distinctive stitches of the Sommerwerk wristwatches combine the stainless steel casing with materials like felt, leather, textile or fur; giving them a unique appearance and character. The watch case and the buckle, but also graphics and packaging were designed to emphasize the hand crafted quality made by a small, traditional family business.
The watches are sold through the company website sommerwerk.com, where visitors can also try them right away.