Stools blakc and white

“Nómada” Stool Collection, the result of a collaboration of designers, Abel Cárcamo and Carlos Léon, creates the presence of an everyday object made ??through artisanal processes. Nómada is identified by its simplicity, geometric character and the ability to adapt to different spaces. Eloquence is a key point in the development, in which the duality of the object is configured. Exerting a CONTAINER function on the upper surface with the main function being the SUPPORTof a stool. This duality makes it a product that creates order and also acts as an ornamental object in the most covert spaces of our homes.

The stools are composed of two detachable parts for easy stacking. Designed with a lower base in aluminum with electrostatic paint finishes and a top, made of Chilean wood called Lenga that is native to Patagonia, Chile. All parts are made entirely by hand by local artisans, preserving and maintaining the making of ancient crafts.