Revealing the beauty and full functionality of your phone or tablet.
Micro Suction technology is used to discreetly secure your device.
The Access Case gives you unparalleled interaction with your device.
It is quick and easy to answer a call.
The Access Case is slim and sleek, complimenting your phone or tablet.
Quick and easy removal for use with docks.
A convenient storage pocket keeps cards and cash safe and hidden when the case is closed.
The timeless leather design will not go out of fashion.
Available in a choice of colours, choose your style!
The Access Case will soon be a part of your day.

The Access Case, from Nodus utilises micro-suction technology, resulting in the most elegant and versatile cases for iPhone, iPad and now Samsung S4.

A Micro-Suction rubber pad holds the device secure while allowing it to be quickly and easily attached or removed time and time again without a reduction in its performance. This allows unparalleled interaction with your device whilst showcasing its form, which is particularly beneficial when using with docks, other mounts, or when answering a call.

The minimal and timeless leather design wraps around the unbranded exterior of the case. A single leather strip on the interior, subtly brandished with the company logo, serves as a convenient and secure pocket framed by the dark suede microfiber lining.

The Micro-Suction pads surface is covered in millions of microscopic suction cups. This material will grip to any clean, smooth, non-porous surface with incredible force and does not leave any residue when removed. It works perfectly with the aluminium body of Apple products, along with glass and smooth plastics, like that of the iPhone 4/4s and 5C or Samsung S4.

The Access Case is launching on Kickstarter.com in mid-November with a funding period of 45 days. Initially available in high quality black or brown leather, additional colours will become available when stretch goals have been reached.

Nodus is an upcoming company from Cornwall (UK) based designers Alex Boswell and Jack Spencer. The Access Case is their first product and after a successful kickstarter campaign they will be looking to expand the range for more Android devices. Priced from £34($55 USD approx) on kickstarter, including worldwide delivery.