Symbolon - Wedding ring[s]

Design: Atelier Cetrei | www.ateliercetrei.com
Design Team: Anamaria Moldovan, Paul-Mihai Moldovan
Material: White 18k Gold
Technique: CNC and hand polishing
Manufacturer: s.c. Sabion Elen s.r.l. | www.sabion.ro
Photos: Ana Rusu

The wedding ring(s) design reflects our understanding of marriage. Marriage is a mechanism that works fueled not only by love but also by the bitter-sweet compromises. It is a “whole” created by the union of two people, and the only instance in which 1+1 does amount to 1. Together as one.
We designed the wedding ring(s) as a “symbolon” (from Greek symbállein – to put together), a means of reconizing and completing each other. The ring is cut in half and only the two halves fitted together can deliver the true meaning of a life lived alongside each other. Together they form a single ring, apart they constantly remind each bearer about the other half.
We commissioned photographer Ana Rusu to depict the ring and its two halves one year after their creation. The photos illustrate the passing of time in the form of scratches left on the ring by constant use.