Altaar front
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Altaar side
Altaar detail
Altaar proto
Altaar proto
Joost van Veldhuizen

Name: Table Altaar
Material: Glass and Oakwood
Label: VanJoost
Design: Joost van Veldhuizen
Year: 2014

VanJoost was founded in 2009 by Dutch designer Joost van Veldhuizen. The Netherlands.
He gained international fame with his iconic table designs ‘HeelGroot’ and ‘Cradle Noah’.

Joost van Veldhuizen
VanJoost is the label of Joost van Veldhuizen, who describes himself as a designer as well as a craftsman. His handmade collections balance between design and art.
Van Veldhuizen intends to tell stories trough his creations, approaching design by basic and simple forms and pushing existing limits while doing so. His objects derive from a combination of these principles.

Table Altaar
In his work, Van Velduizen intends to ‘tell by creating, not by shouting’. This intention is expressed in his designs by using basic forms that celebrate simplicity. This also becomes clear in Van Veldhuizen’s latest project: Table Altaar, an oak wood and glass table. In his work, Van Veldhuizen plays with religious references. They form a starting point from where he can ask himself and his audience questions about religious rituals and their social consequences