infront of the cafe ©kurosawa kawaraten
front view ©kurosawa kawaraten
back view ©kurosawa kawaraten
side view ©kurosawa kawaraten
joint detail ©kurosawa kawaraten
using image ©kurosawa kawaraten
packed for putting away ©kurosawa kawaraten

The table is used when the cafe owner taking place the tasting event at outside of the cafe. It needs some function for the temporary use. Easy dismantle and assemble, put away small but wide work space.
The table consists of two one side opened boxes and seven legs. Boxes are made by 24mm thickness plywood and 20mm laminated wood. Legs are made by 24mm diameter of japanese cypress. Boxes are varnished once. Legs are partially painted by matt white urethane paint.
For putting together boxes and legs, insert the legs into the holes under the boxes. The holes are tilted 5 degree to outside. The weight of boxes make fixing the legs and holding the legs not to tumble down.