Rule number 1: Use always fresh, good quality tea leaves.
Rule number 2: Use scarcely more tea leaves than required.
Rule number 3: Use fresh water.
Rule number 4: Boil water cautiously.
Rule number 5: Allow to steep for a while in the cup.

The rite of tea-drinking is easy – take some tea leaves, place them in a teapot or a cup, add hot water and you are all set. This is the traditional way of doing it. But what if you can have both at the same time? Teaser.2 purvey relaxation and tranquillity of mind while waiting for our tea cup to be ready. Obtain some leaves you love and put them inside the handmade porcelain container. Boil water and pour it in your cup. Set the teaser inside the cup and brew according to your preferred strength and then press the leaves with it’s slender boxwood stem.

Teaser.2 is a remake of a limited edition done several years ago. We changed materials to a more natural environment friendly option. We launched it in our second ICFF 2012 in Model Citizens at 52 Mercer Street @ Broome St 4th floor, NYC. We think the motto for the future of design is clever consumption. Rational thinking and sustainable values are vitally important and relevant for us together with craftsmanship. Our project encourages collaboration between various artisans disciplines such as wooden lathe and handmade porcelain in order to create a beautiful and simple object of everyday life; a tea infuser. Each design is made one by one.

And please do remember The 5 Golden Rules for Making Tea: