How are you? Always been a fan of Mocoloco and am hoping you you may be interested in my latest project!

A couple of years ago I designed a medium format pinhole Hassleblad and now I’m turning it into a do-it-yourself, flatpack kit so you can make your own camera at home.

I have the design, the suppliers and the experience to get the kit into production, however I don’t have the personal funds to do it so I’m using Kickstarter to help launch the project. To check it out and see more of the story please follow this link > http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2021791111/the-120-pinhole-project

I’m also keeping a diary for this project at kickstarterpinholediary.tumblr.com so you can keep up with the progress of the campaign as well as look back over my past two years of work.

Would be great to have your support with this project!

All the best,