Cassatchel Prototypes in yellow and black.
Cassatchel on screen and in action. Video still from the Kickstarter video.
A sampler of the up to 100 iterations that took place to develop the form of the production-spec Cassatchel.

The Cassatchel is a welcome rebellion to the boring laptop bags and sleeves out there and it’s in the form of a loved object of the past – The Cassette! It’s a 3D molded laptop bag made to have the same contours as the old cassette but fits your new tech devices!

Up on kickstarter now as a staff pick, pledges on offer include The Cassatchel in sleeve form to fit iPads and similar sized tablets and laptop bags to accommodate 13” and 15” devices. The funding raised will go towards development in making the product better functionally and aesthetically as well as tooling.


The philosophy behind the design by Bhavesh Bhuthadia was to create something different as opposed to new. He adds “I wanted the Cassatchel to be fresh and different with a nostalgic sparkle… something creative people and fans of the past would really appreciate”.

The cassette’s use by date may be long gone but our memories of it never will be. This is a welcome revival of a much loved and increasingly unknown object of the past.