Cuckoo Project Teaser

Six artists from around the world – never met each other – are going to redesign the traditional cuckoo clock with the help of 3D printing, integrating social media features, hashtags and music. The final clock will be part of our exhibition at the 3D Printshow in London on November 9th. There are only five weeks left to make it happen – so let’s get started! We look forward to making you smile!

In detail:

Only a couple of weeks ago, we sent an invitation to some of our favourite designers. We asked them to become part of a crazy idea, that we’ve had in mind for a long time: creating a conjoint remake of the traditional German cuckoo clock in synch with the Zeitgeist of the 21st century. Quickly, we got a lot of them interested and chose the most motivated participants. Our challenge is unique and there are only five weeks left to realize the project. The six artists have never met each other and bring in the creative vibe of various urban scenes from all around the world: Mexico City (Mexico), Ghent (Belgium), Berlin (Germany), London (UK) and Utrecht (Netherlands). Every designer accounts for one part of this remake. And we look forward to see a creative puzzle, a collective artwork of various styles!

The designing team consists of some well-known artists in the context of 3D printing and beyond. Many of them got featured in the past and are notable for most of the common ideas, that use the power of 3D printing in a new way. Just one example up to this point: Michiel Cornelissen from Utrecht – who is famous for his ONE IN A MILLION BIRD Collection – is going to give our cuckoo a whole new shape for this project. The team is finally perfected by StudioSinth, Arte Joyas, Mendel Heit, and Daniel Hilldrup.

The whole project and the design process stays fully digital until it is printed. Linked by Stilnest, the collective peace of art will be printed in one piece at Hasenauer & Hesser in Germany and then colored by Cipres Technology Systems. Exhibited at the 3D Printshow 2013 in London, the clock will measure the attention Stilnest gets from the digital world. So it’s up to you and the power of social media to make the clock strike and our bird sing!