I would like to present you the new piece from The Animal Chair Collection, The Elephant Chair,

The Elephant is the largest living animal on earth today known for its memory, intelligence and wisdom. This particular piece is produced using morph metric data to resemble the Asian Elephant species, having physical characteristic from this particular type.

In India, the head of the elephant is used to represent the supreme deity Ganesha who is popularly worshipped as a remover of obstacles. The Artist wanted to highlight the ties of the Indian culture using carving in the chair section and the pattern has been duplicated from old Indian furniture and reproduced according to the style using an advanced software we have managed to achieve the wood grain texture along the surface of the seat as well as the distinctive asymmetrical surfaces typical in hand crafted wood items.

In the animal segment the texture and wrinkles are accreted to the animal’s physiognomy. This piece welcomes the elephant to invade the human’s habitat as opposed to what has been happening through history.

We trust that The Elephant Chair will make a statement reminding us all how unique and fascinating this animal is.