Main view
With  a flower
Without  a flower
With a ordinary mug
The image to break a stereotype of a ordinary mug

Products which we have used help people to take convenient livings,
which are designed as useful objects by a designer.
However, the situation deprives people’s thinking to use objects,
because it is extremely perfect. For example, we don’t think how
to use a mug when you drink the water. I think that people are losing
their intelligence and imagination about using of the objects
as they had a stereotype of the objects such as for people a cup is
just a cup and a plate is just a plate. Therefore, I want to show
a potential of the original shape, material, and role of everyday objects
because people know them well. In the advanced society,
everyday objects have to stimulate people’s thinking and imagination for people:
people are an animal that think of. They use the normal objects without thinking
Thus, I designed the mug to show a new potential of the ordinary object
and the vision stimulate people have curiosity of living and the object.
It is the beauty of everyday life which we ignored.

glass and crystal clear

W85 x H 95 x D 85 (mm)