the king's men - full view
the king's men - partial view
the king's men - polished steel
the king's men - in play

Sometimes your strategic musings require a battlefield of royal proportions. When the time comes to call on all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, you’ll be prepared with this modern reinvention of the classic chess set. A handsome 14” square solid wood butcher block style board proudly serves as the battleground for 32 sculptural steel pieces. The bold modern shapes in natural mill finish and polished steel against the finely crafted board make a striking display in any room of your house.

Check and Mate.

Currently shipping within approximately 2 weeks

The Construction Zone, ltd. brand is known throughout the southwest as an architecture/design/build shop that is symbolic of Desert Modern Architecture. The CZ team has recently launched a new company, CUSTOMATIC.COM, which creates handcrafted modern home furnishings and accessories.