The concept image
When switched on
When switched off
The detail of the lampshade
The contrast between the black lacquer and the inner layer of gold foil
The making process

The Lacquer Light/ Lacquerware X Glass 2012

The Lacquer Light is a sequent work of the Candle Project. I retained the image of ink flowing down. Furthermore, I chose glass to create the miraculous feeling of floating in the air.

The Liquid Overflowing
The concept comes from the image of liquid overflowing a bottle. The material of the bottle-like lampshade is transparent glass; therefore, the bottle and lacquer look as if they were floating in the air. Contrary to the tradition, gold is foiled on the bottom layer to bring out coloration and finishing of the black lacquer outside. In addition, the fringes and holes of each gold foil would appear on the black surface when the lamp is switched on. It features the pure black glossy surface when the lamp is switched off while the lamp features the wondrous visual effect of the light penetrating the gold foil and black lacquer, when it is switched on.