Respecting traditional values, but inspired by the needs of the modern world, two teams put their creative minds to work hoping to find a balance between the old and the new, the traditional and the contemporary.

This is an exciting collaboration between Photoliu and Lana. Photoliu, the bespoke furniture brand, was started in 2009 by Irina Pogonaru, with the aim of updating classical pieces of furniture by adding contemporary substance and relevance to traditional aesthetics. Lana is a famous Romanian designer based in London having international collaborations such as Puma and the Digital Print Design programme at Mary Katrantzou in her portfolio. The technic design was made by Dizainar.

Eight months of work materialised in an elaborately crafted piece with an authentic look, perfectly blended into today’s modern spaces, but still proudly displaying hints of its original timestamp.

The belief behind this project is that the knowledge and ethnic base should not be forgotten but rather reimplemented with the help of modern design.

In a world where prefabrication and mass production are the rule, the Lana for Photoliu chair invites you to take a break and take a seat for a moment!

The chair’s frame is made out of oak wood and follows a sophisticated line, offering stability without compromising on elegance. The effect is given by the perfectly balanced three feet complemented by the Lana ethnic print.

The chair is available in two upholstery options and three wood colour options ( natural, white and lime).

Originated from the need to support the Romanian tradition, the “Lana for Photoliu” chair is the first original design product from Photoliu’s expanding portfolio.