Pinocchio S&P Shakers - Deliberate, logical and executed to the last detail.
SQ Trivet - Stunning solid aluminum trivet that is as utilitarian as it is beautiful.
Paddle Coathooks - Honest, useful and time-less. Every surface was purposefully designed to take the form, functionality and the material further.
The V-Tray&Bowl uses simple geometric forms interpreted in natural materials and made using automated machines.
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Beautiful refined kitchen and office accessories emphasizing material and craftsmanship through form.

THE MADE COLLECTION is an intersection of tools, materials and design coming together to form something greater than its individual parts. Relying on craftsmanship, each piece is created by hand in-house to make sure every detail feels right.

OKUM MADE Studio is a strong believer in products being designed with respect and understanding the integrity of the materials and its great capabilities. This in turn allows us to provide everyday necessities that are both unexpected and honest.

The Made Collection is being launched on the crowd-funding website kickstarter: http://kck.st/W6re4m