Xacus is one of the most important shirtmaking companies in Italy. Since 1956 it has created and produced articles of the finest quality. On the strength of its tailoring tradition and its desire to launch a new consumer brand, the company commissioned Studio Visuale to design a communication project that would revitalize the brand and position it in a new market segment with a totally new look.

This project reconsiders the brand’s entire communication strategy, from the labels on the products, to the materials to support marketing, from the website to the development of an app for smartphones, to the production of a series of videos illustrating the company’s projects. The result is a system of communication artifacts that convey the brand’s values by expanding the minimalist communication and introducing warmer, more material elements inspired by the 1930s and 40s, which target a younger and more dynamic consumer.

The company’s request to reconsider the role of communication about shirts, was met with the design of a series of elements that could work in combination: a cardboard folder, a flyer illustrating the collection, information about the fabrics and manufacturers, a small envelope for the collar stiffeners, a label and ribbon. The tight bond with tradition is therefore expressed in papers that are treated as fabrics, in colour combinations, cuts and materials that embody values and trigger emotions. The orderly hierarchy of the elements becomes a flexible system that creates identity. The emotions corresponding to each collection are given physical form in the system of labels that play different roles depending on the sales venue: they either highlight the characteristics of the item (for example the quality of the fabric) or become a keepsake for the buyer (for example the extra collar stiffeners and buttons).
These same values and emotions are expressed in the packaging, conceived for both the classic and custom-made shirts so that, once again, it conveys the values of quality, tradition and craftsmanship, and becomes the primary vehicle for sales in the retail store.

In the digital field, the new design for the website was conceived to reflect the hand-tailored quality of the brand. The texts were matched with new photographic images that bring strong impact to the page. These photos can be updated to totally change the look of the page. The b2b e-commerce area is supported by a book online service, a sales tool for Xacus and its vendors: the particular attention to detail gives the retailer a true ‘feel’ for the products making it possible to order them online.

Along with the new website design, Studio Visuale also developed new multimedia contents that could be used on several different platforms: online, on touchscreens and on the App for iPad. The study of the interface and the development of solid software were key to making the sales experience more exciting, interactive and unique. Created with material provided by the client and additional custom-produced contents, the touchscreen was applied to a 60” screen 155 cm wide.

The entire communication project will be accompanied by the development of new retail concepts designed by Flavio Albanese, for which backstage videos of the advertising campaign were produced.