Spencer Collection - Brass and walnut everyday-carry accessories
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Mini Opener
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Hi Mocoloco editors,

My name is Konrad Giersz and I am co-founder of a Brooklyn based design studio Design Unsanctioned.
I wanted to share with you our new project. The Spencer Collection is a line of locally made men’s everyday-carry accessories. It combines modern aesthetics and contemporary production methods with a mix of timeless, traditional materials. It is reminiscent of the clean and elegant mid-century era design.

At Design Unsanctioned, we value materials that are lasting and age beautifully, making for timeless objects of quality and beauty that their owners will keep for their lives. The Spencer Collection is a line of accessories for men machined out of solid brass with inlays of rich walnut wood and classic leather accents. Please take a look at our website www.designunsanctioned.com for more images, details and our story.

I hope that you find our collection interesting and worthy of a feature on your website. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.


Konrad Giersz
Design Unsanctioned