Women pattern and its box
Men pattern
Blue yellow
Blue yellow women
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It is Oli13 again. This is the second new product we have launched……

“The Summer of 1980” a simply two tones tshirt, no print, just color and material. Its story is :

I was 4 years old in the summer of 1980. My grandparents went on a trip and brought me back a two-tone t-shirt. I’ve always remembered it. Years later when we met, I found out that he had been given the same one. It was a gift from his best friend.

“The summer of 1980? two tone t-shirts come in 6 different color combinations: blue with red or yellow and grey with yellow for man and blue, grey and beige with yellow for woman. The patterns are different for him and her as we have look for the best way to fit the body’s shapes. They are made with handcrafted dye, 100% cotton and completely hand made in Barcelona, Spain.

Hope you like it!!!

All the best