LUNAR | Coffee Table from the Urban Lifestyle Collection
LUNAR | Custom-formed steel + brass foot detail
LUXO | Table Lamp from the Urban Lifestyle Collection
LUXO | Table Lamp detail
NOMAD | Dressing Mirror + Art Display from the Urban Lifestyle Collection
RASCAL | Bench from the Urban Lifestyle Collection
SHOP LIGHT | From the Urban Lifestyle Collection
SHOP LIGHT | Brass pin + cord detail
SKETCH | Desk from the Urban Lifestyle Collection
SKETCH | Bent steel desk leg detail


The Urban Lifestyle Collection is a modern furniture line that honors timeless Midwest craft + celebrates design talents still embedded in hardworking cities throughout America. | The collection is disruptive. Great design should be accessible + exceptionally high quality. In a world of low quality sameness, the Urban Lifestyle Collection is distinctly different.


Throughout the design process we refuse to accept the illusion of limitations + we move beyond them thru exploration, determination and commitment. The Collection is about an uncompromised pursuit of a pure idea + then an equally committed pursuit of that vision into reality. | When we build furniture + develop new products we solve for a triple bottom line. The world is precious, and we understand the importance of design solutions that are good for the planet, good for our neighbors + good for the budget. The entire Collection is built from solid hardwood sustainably harvested in Wisconsin + steel and brass sourced exclusively from the region. Every piece is designed, manufactured, + assembled into high quality furniture entirely in Milwaukee.

We launched the collection at the 10th annual Guerrilla Truck Show in Chicago during NeoCon. Out of 65+ established regional designers selected to participate in the juried event, the Urban Lifestyle Collection was awarded ‘Best In Show’ by a panel of judges including Karen Herold of Studio K, Craighton Berman, + Marta Calle, CEO of Crate & Barrel.