Paper Model

“The Wave”- a new global stand design for Toyota.

Toyota, the world’s largest car manufacturer, is introducing a new stand at the 83rd Geneva Motor-Show.
The striking new architecture is a clear statement symbolising the brand’s confident approach to future mobility.
With the new stand design, that is intended for global use, Toyota marks a new era in motor-show communication.

The design-studio Déri Design together with b+s exhibitions from Germany, were the winners of the international tender.
The key to succeed was the deep understanding of the Japanese brand, the extensive automotive experience of the two companies and the delivery of a simple, surprising and bold solution.
“The beauty of the Wave lies is its unforced natural shape, it portrays the balanced asymmetry that exist in nature and is at the heart of Japanese aesthetics.”, says Alia Ramadan, the design-director on the project.

The architecture of the stand reminds one of a wave in motion: dynamic, energetic and pure.
Inspired by the traditional Japanese paper craft Origami, the idea of The Wave was born by just rolling a sheet of paper.
This resulted in a vibrant, dynamic shape with a fascinating clarity.
This simple idea by Déri-Design was strong enough to prevail on this prestigious assignment.
The challenging engineering task of constructing the fluent shape in an extremely short time period is being realized by b+s exhibitions.

The inside of the “Wave” unfolds an impressive visual experience: everything is in constant motion, connected, active.
Films, abstract animations and large gesture-controlled surfaces are seamlessly integrated in the architecture.
Déri-Design’s holistic approach, involving the concept, design and communication, creates a visual environment that guides the visitors through an exciting journey using state-of-the-art technology.

Toyota’s new motor-show appearance, with its iconic design, creates a great opportunity to discover and experience the brand’s essence.
The stand has its debut on March 5, 2013 at the Geneva Motor Show.