the world is your vese (red)
the world is your vase (orange)
the world is your vase (purple)
the world is your basket (white)
the world is your basket (red)
world id

“The world is yours” is a self-produced collection of objects created by the union of inflatable globes with polyurethane foam.
because of the production process each object has its own pleats characteristics that make it unique.
the project by Matteo Pellegrino wants to suggest people to recover and get back into the world, transforming it into something new and better.

We have harnessed the geography of our planet so that nobody in the world could feel distant or lost wherever they are. We always knows where we are, and our world has no more mysteries to propose.
‘we all know the shape of the earth, everyone knows the way to return home, some lucky people know what is their place in the world and each has its own horizon to chase.
One step a day, if possible.
The small collection “the world is yours” is made of polyurethane foam, living material that takes unpredictable forms and directions spontaneous and unrepeatable.
In its small way is a representation of our life on earth.
The colorful new worlds crumpled assume functions for which are not meant designed to, but they are useful items and cheerful.
The process makes each item unique and unrepeatable, even though replicable and just like the world we live on, the inevitable imperfections characterize the whole.
Knowing the world means to accept and respect it but also at the right time to know how to turn it into something new.
There is nothing that a vase, a bowl or a wine basket can teach us about our planet, but it may help to remember that never before has the world been so handy for anyone, and he needs us. let’s go take it back.

Now the “World is Yours”.