Light Gray X-Crate
Black X-Crate
X-Crate Back
X-Crate Front
X-Crate Top
The X-Crate comes in Black, Gray and Red
X-Crate Mounted to a rear rack

When Toronto-based bike accessories firm Luvelo set out to design the X-Crate they wanted to create a lightweight and beautiful alternative to the heavy plastic milk crates and drab mesh baskets they spotted on so many bikes in the city. The focus was on creating a basket that was as handsome and practical as the bikes it would adorn.

The X-Crate took a year and a half to design, prototype and test before coming to market. Its innovative design is made of flat and bent light-weight aluminum strips and has a riveted construction, which gives it strength. The open x at the front of the crate creates space for bike seats or saddles. The pierced based allows for easy attachment to any rear bike rack and the pattern of holes also acts as drainage for rainy days.

The X-Crate comes in powder coated black, light gray and red to compliment almost any bicycle. Its tapered design allows for stacking on bike store shelves and reduces wasted space during shipping. And at only 1kg you will hardly notice the weight.