When looking at the clock time and time again one no longer sees a combination of numbers and lines but a snap-shot of a dancing figure.
time is displayed by boby and leg of a dancing figure
body is hour hand
10:15 o'clock
01:25 o'clock
material: acryl, ash
body is hour hand, the lower leg is permanent
clockwork is hidden behind a milled ash-disc

Made for German brand Klein & More this wall clock by Meike Harde wants to change attitudes towards time.

Time is customarily displayed in a purely graphical way with numbers on clock faces. On such clocks time goes by in a quite impersonal way. Thus the first thing we think of when we see the clock is upcoming appointments and the permanent time pressure that we seem to be subjected to.
But time is more than that.
This clock wants to throw a different glance at the nature of time. On the one hand it makes visible the motion of time but beyond that it wants to mirror the fragility of all that is in constant change. “Time Is Dancing” withdraws from the empty display of time and offers the symbolization of the view of time. The ballerina shows utmost concentration by keeping the balance and twisting herself into at times uncomfortable poses. In the next moment she seems to be moving and sailing along with ease.

The separated body forms the hour hand and the minute hand so that at times the figure starts a jump, pirouettes or does the splits.

The design of the clock does not primarily follow an aesthetic-functional approach. Instead its metaphorical design tries to introduce poetry into an every-day item and to throw a contemplative glance at the transientness of time by means of the seemingly eternally young ballerina.

photos: baemstudios.de by Johannes Höller