Leibal’s weekly Design to Five has presented the best in space-saving desks. The desks include manufacturers from Bluelounge, Milk, MashStudios, Blu Dot, and CB2.

1. Mini Milk by Milk
This minimalist workstation is the perfect solution for a small office. The foot of the desk slighly sticks out to leave room for the bottom edge of your walls, allowing for the workstation to lean snugly against the surface. It comes in two different heights, and tons of nice add-ons – one of which is an aquarium…no joke. $1650

2. Lax Wall Mounted Desk by Mashstudios
Wall space should be used more often. Nothing says “space-saving” like a minimal wall-mounted desk. Lax Wall Mounted Desk, designed by Mashstudios, is not only beautiful, but highly functional and convenient. Cubbies underneath the desk do away with drawers, and allow for quick access and stowing. $720

3. StudioDesk by Bluelounge
For the most part, furniture hasn’t really kept up with the rapid advancements in technology. However, Bluelounge’s StudioDesk is finally realizing the ever-changing workstation environment. Unsightly wires and accessories are a norm for any desk. However, StudioDesk not only allows hard drives and printers to be plugged in directly into the desk, but hides all of the wires in the process as well. $599

4. Tucker White by CB2
If we can pretty much do work on the surface of our laps, then this small desk is surely more than enough for our needs. The perfect height for when sitting on a sofa, Tucker White, by Amanda Ip for CB2, has cord management built in. $149

5. T060 Flat – Ozzio
This company is known for their space-saving techniques. All of their designs have multiple functions, and this coffee table is no different. The ultimate space-saver for urban dwellers in that a user could work or eat directly on his/her coffee table. No need for an office or dining area space if you have one of these. request a quote