The whole reading environment
The table
The table change its appearance from different view angls
The milled bottom enables strong grip of the legs
Two positions of the lamp
The LED lamp provides strong and warm light suitable for reading
The purple bottom radiants warm light onto the floor
Light dimming by touch
The buttons are sawed asymmetrically
The beginning of the design process

My name is Roee Magdassi, a graduate industrial designer of the Bezalel Academy of art and design.
I created a reading environment called “Tre” which contains an armchair, a side table and a reading lamp. The starting point of the project was abstraction of animal figures.


Does furniture have a personality?
I chose to create a reading environment to figure it out.
I explored the morphology of animals- a world which each individual has its own different and unique character, behavior and appearance.
Yet, they all have a broad common ground, in the fields of vision and conception.
I applied a process of abstraction and reduction of animal figures, until they almost vanished, leaving only the being, expressed by a few strokes or a single color stain.
From this moment on, the furniture receded from the original animal appearance. It switched proportions, compositions and power relations until a new identity was born.

The series contains three pieces:
Armchair with a huge backrest.
Strong LED reading lamp which can change between focused to a more gentle lighting by tilting, or dimmed by touching for more precise adjustment.
Side table made of solid oak. Its base was CNC milled in a way that the table will have a very thin appearance and yet, have a strong grip of the legs.

A short video of the design process:

A video introducing “Tre”:

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