Tri-Folds Sofa
Mock-up and sketches
Detail of the armrest
Prototyping in the De Sede's factory

I am a French designer based in London. I graduated from the ECAL Master in 2012. In the past years, I had opportunity to work for brands and designers such as Philippe Starck, Blackbody-oled, De Sede, Baccarat, Kopenhagen Fur… My work is based on observation of motion and matter. I like to mix common and unexpected to create new projects.

During the workshop with the Swiss brand de Sede, I was able to work with and observe the leather, the material of choice for this manufacturer. For me, it was interesting to play with the beauty of the folds and the material’s innate sensitivity. I designed the sofa with this motif in mind in terms of the armrests. The folds are not only aesthetic, but also practical for slipping in magazines and books or hiding items. Based on de Sede’s choice of my design from the sketches and models submitted, I was able to develop a prototype. Over several months, I discovered the steps necessary to implement the project through regular meetings with the company. The design of the structure, the choice of foam and the material selection – everything enriched the project and made for a rewarding experience.