A three-legged stable little table, supporting your everyday life.
Put down a cup of coffee…
your cell phone or maybe the remote control of your TV…
set aside your unfinished book…
it is small and can easily be moved around.
Use it as a coffee table next to the sofa…
beside the lounge chair for your ash tray and books…
it is a table that magnets will stick to.
Because it is made of iron, you can attach small memos to it with magnets,
so they won’t get blown away by the wind.

The TRIPOD is a new product by K, Tokyo. It is designed by Masayuki Kurokawa.
As Japan has no history in furniture, K focuses on the topic of small furniture pieces (tools)
to preserve the japanese tradition.
In the traditional Japanese house there is the floor = platform and spread out on it,Tatami. Upon the Tatami there
comes the Zabuton on which one sits, and the Futon on which one sleeps. The Futon is also called the “night tool”.
Surrounding it where paravents, Hibachi (portable heater), or little chests of drawers.
The TRIPOD embodies this philosophy and carries it to the future.

The TRIPOD consists of a steel plate and three legs made of steel with Gun Blue finish.
All parts are easy to assemble and disassemble, because they have threads.

However, there are 3 types of the TRIPOD.
_NUDE/ The NUDE version is Gun Blue finished, which preserves it from rusting.
_Urethane pearl color coating, available in 6 colors: yellow, white, brown, blue, green, black.
_Glass. Color coated glass, attached to the Gun Blue finished plate with silicone, available in 3 colors: pink, white and turquoise.

Three legs provide stability. Three legs in a certain angle are aesthetic. Also the shadow is nice.
Although there is a round and a square version, both have three legs.
The idea of a square table with 3 legs might seem to be a little odd, but the different directions of the
edges of the square plate and the three legs make it interestingly beautiful.