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Hi there,

I am a young designer working and living in London with what I think is a great little idea to brighten the daily commute, especially in summer. I’d absolutely love to be featured on your website, since I read it religiously.


A modular, adaptable system for users of the London Underground to participate in games with one another via the single openable window of each carriage. Moves are made by rubbing against the grain of the elasticated suede playing surface.

Materials: Aluminium, rubber and elasticated suede.

‘From a design standpoint, Tube Games is a reaction to my own feelings about the Underground and the ways in which people act within it. The cardinal sin of speaking or looking at anyone in the tightly packed trains is an amusing and unique phenomenon, which can often be exacerbated by a rise in temperature. During the height of summer, the only place to feel cool is by the connecting door between carriages. It also offers glances through into the neighbouring crowd and beyond. This project invites interaction between strangers standing next to the open window who would otherwise avoid eye contact. A pair can play noughts and crosses between carriages by rubbing against the grain of the suede with their Oyster cards, then simply start a new game by smoothing the suede out with their hand.’

Thanks for taking the time to consider my work!