Tweet Clock
Tweet Clock
Tweet Clock

A traditional mechanical alarm clock that wakes you up to the gentle sound of bird song and a dancing feather. This mechanical clock requires no batteries and one wind-up last 3 days. The birdsong alarm works via a winding mechanism that causes the rubber bellows to make a pleasant chirping sound.

Dimensions: Height 20cm

Manufactured by Kikkerland Design Inc.

Power: Clockwork springs

Colours: Black.

Martin is also the Co-Founder and Art Director of the design label, Laikingland. The work he creates through this company plays with the themes of humour, nonsense and futility. He also runs his own studio practice where he undertakes quite large architectural commissions that interact with their given space and the viewer through movement.

The Tweet Clock sits somewhere in between these two practices and was developed for Kikkerland Design inc.