Project name:
not just for sitting

Concept: 2012

Urban furniture, unique, sculptural object with the function of the seat, a landmark in space. Dedicated to public open spaces such as streets, parks, playgrounds or zone representative buildings.
Form of furniture is the result of merging chairs with a deckchair. Users can choose for themselves the most convenient place to rest. Furniture is to encourage the informal modes of behavior in public spaces.
The object is a developed form of bench popular at Polish railway stations in the second half of the twentieth century.
Offensive behavior in the lying position was here raised to the rank of the manifest.

The basic function assumes rest in an ergonomic position of the body. There were entered proportions of man sitting and lying. Between these fragments remains room for any physical activity.
Bench is made of repeating units. It runs on a single axis on a graph. This allows you to adjust its length to the existing location.
The design of the furniture are digitally prefabricated wooden elements, made ??of boards with 80x30mm cross-section, with the characteristic curves at the ends. Each element has a unique length. Sets of cross sections form the body and are connected with steel frame.
Dimensions: W 270x L960x H85cm
Finishing: bright, oiled wood species with little jars contrasting figure or thick, opaque lacquer coatings.