Urban Abstract -a poster collection fron Studio Rita

Studio Rita presents a poster collection on the theme Urban Abstract, designed by
Elin Öhrling and Julia Heurling. The posters are produced and sold by Society6.

Graphic, colourful and naive are the characteristics of Elin Öhrling’s city imagery.
The images are made as collages. The shapes are collected from the urban landscape
and filled with frottage, giving structures and surfaces.

Julia Heurling’s illustrations are abstract interpretations of the urban traffic, architecture and light
The abstractions simplify the image and give room for the viewers own thoughts, fantasies and ideas.

Studio Rita is a pattern studio founded in 2008 in Stockholm. The studio has previously
been recognized for the wallpaper collection “Forest Views”, and iPhone cases for Korean producer Lab.C.
Today the studio consists of 5 designers: Maria Bergström, Bibi Eklund, Julia Heurling, Lena Holtzberg and
Elin Öhrling.

For images and more information, please visit www.studiorita.se