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I stumbled upon the work of this local basque (north of Spain) artist-designer, and I really wanted to share his work with you guys. I think his creations could be a nice addition to your website, taking into account your vision on the creative world as we see it nowadays.

I saw his work at a local exposition. I was quite impressed by some of his works for the following reasons:
– Although he really is a sculptor in the classical sense of the word – using superior marble, knowing how to sculpt in an almos greek-roman way – he knows how to give a daily use to his creations, in the way a 21st century designer would – his furniture is art, his art is design. He’s walking the thin line between creation an functianality.
– The themes of his work can be quite controversary. He applies themes such as war and peace, religion, life and death,… in a quite bold – and also humorous – way.

All af the art-pieces are extremely well detailed and finished. You would need a magnifying glass to find flaws. On top of that – and this is one of the concepts he considers most important – there is no serial production whatsoever. Even the most elaborate creation, even costing him months of work, is an unique piece, and will not be reproduced, inustrialized, or offered to anyone but the first buyer and owner.

Exlusivity, exellence, function, art.

I attach some images of one of his works. It hardly is a real reduction of his work because it’s hard to define; he uses stone, metal and new materals in a combination with technological functionality such as electricity and light.

His recently created website – which won some css html 5 award – would be a way to discover his work. Although at the exposition I saw there were much more items exposed, it gives quite a good idea about what’s sizzling in this guy’s brain. www.bolidismo.com

kind regards,