Utopia is an imagined reality, a collection of everyday objects not yearning for an ideal city nor aspiring to be an island or New Atlantis, rather, it is a faithful reflection of our conquered home inhabited.

Our objects are full of nods, winks and gestures that leave us trapped in an illusion a dream. That is what the Utopia collection aims to do, to arouse a sensual relation in just the same way as we do when we relate with Nature.

Nothing estranges me from Mother Nature. Everything in Nature has something to do with me. In this imagined reality of Utopians functional solutions and emotions converge which are clearly inspired by the Renaissance and the geometry of Piero della Francesca.

This collection is created with great taste for wood, with a classic pattern aiming to recover the inlay of the secular tradition in a simple way, encrusting ebony over hard maple adding other woods such as Canadian cedar for the insides of the boxes, fantasizing with the sensations felt on opening a lid.