Objects have souls. The soul of those who designed.
Vasa is a ligth, a reminder of a bell tower that calls people with its sounds, its forms and its colors. Music is all in the composition, in the arrangement of different tones to create a harmonious, en- ganging whole. Vasa is a light, a dynamic composition of elements, a perfect complement to any space. It’s a mark, a gesture, a simple line. Vasa is an expression of simplicity. The term “Campana”( Bell ) was founded in the early Middle Ages when, according to a version not supported by sufficient evidences, the bishop of Nola, Paulinus (409-431), supported the liturgical use and then the production of vasa Campana (literally vessels of Campania ).
Based on this, I chose to call my lamp Vasa , due to its design that evoke a bell tower that draws people to the assembly