Unofficial Report/Fabrica

During the London Design Festival 2013 (14-22 Sept), the team of Unofficial Report, formed by two young researchers at Fabrica, interviewed people in the streets of London to find out the associations evoked in people’s mind by concepts such as Graphics, Digital, Future etc., and transformed their answers into digital posters creating an online exhibition. According to the people in London, Digital would be Times New Roman font, London would be an old travelled leather bag, Future would be dehydrated pizza. These and many other answers have been translated into digital posters with a different background colour, according to the area of London where they have been collected. The result is a sort of a library in progress created through a spontaneous process made of dialogue and documentation.

The aim of the project is to capture the places, people and creativity of prominent events and festivals around the world and to provide an honest representation of each chosen event: before London, the Unofficial Report team has been in mission also in Milan, during the Salone del Mobile, and at Art Basel. The Report of the London Design Festival was born as a collateral project of Collate by Six: Thirty at the Victoria&Albert Museum.

At this link you’ll find some images of the project: