Looking simple – but getting it right was tricky.
Because designing a salt and pepper shaker for Shapeways has two big constraints: the design rules for hollowed ceramics demand an opening with a diameter of at least 10mm – but there is no food safe material available on Shapeways to make a plug for this hole. So the designers had to come up wih a one-piece plugless solution:
This shaker is conveniently filled from the top, through it’s big funnel-shaped opening. Obviously nobody wants all of the stuff to fall out again when using the shaker. So the moloko design team created a really simple but effective retaining system that lets the shaker be filled easily but keeps the condiment inside when you turn the shaker upside down. Only a pinch of condiment will leave the shaker when shaking it slightly, just like it should be.

Only available here: http://www.shapeways.com/model/511212/vortex-salt-and-pepper-shakers.html