There is a huge gap in the range of crutches for people in need of walking aids but who don’t want do compromise on their personal identity. A lot of people simply choose to endure the pain since the conventional crutches and walkers are too dull and intrude on the personal identity.
In a couple of years the huge Baby boom generation will retire. It is a generation with high set expectations on their retirement. They are the generation who invented the word teenager and are used to high standards and to express their personal style. Just because your knees are getting weaker, the need to express yourself is not.
The thin, curved shape combined with a flexible material provides shock-absorbing qualities that minimize damage to the nerves in the palm. The shaft is twisted 90 degrees and ends with a rounded tip to provide a smooth rolling motion when moving forward. The tip is coated in rubber for shock absorption and improved grip on slippery surfaces.

The crutch “Walking to me?!” is a part of LOTS Design’s latest collection “LOTS of Expectations”, where we have developed concepts based on the theme of the Baby boom generation’s high expectations on their retirement. See the collection as a whole at http://lotsdesign.se/lots_of_expectations_eng.html

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